The People

Simon French
Simon FrenchDirector & Project Manager
Simon started his career as a furniture designer and maker and following work on various projects involving structural glass, he decided that this was the area he wanted to concentrate on. In 2004, he decided to become a freelance designer, specialising in the design and drawing of structural glass elements.

Simon’s work developed to provide his clients with a full design service; taking the projects from initial concept development, into survey work and on into full manufacturing drawings. The idea was to engage more in client’s projects, clarifying and simplifying the design process from the very beginning and removing issues early on in the job, providing a broader role than the historical scope of a CAD technician.

In 2009, Simon decided to take this design and drawing work, combined with the graphic and website design work of his partner – Laura Hutchinson – and form the company Big Eye Design Ltd.

In late 2012, a new opportunity arose to combine his design experience with the installation and site management knowledge of his long term associate Steve Ellis. This has created – the amazing – Veon Ltd, which takes on the same philosophy employed in the design side, into the entire process of structural glass Design, Supply and Installation.

Steve Ellis
Steve EllisDirector & Installation Manager
Steve Ellis has been installing structural glass since 2002. Working on projects ranging from small domestic installations, though to major commercial projects, such as the walk-on glass observation platform at Blackpool Tower, the Pilkington Planar, structurally-glazed entrance box at Gwyn Hall, Neath and glass flooring for the re-developed Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, as well as residential projects for a number of high-profile individuals.

This breadth of experience, means that he is able to see potential issues in jobs before they arise, be it simple conflicts in the installation of a glass floor, or envisaging issues with glass verandas, or complex structurally bonded, glass box extensions. Using this knowledge, the design stage is the place where problems are solved, rather than on site, where it’s often costly, or just too late to make changes!

The values and attitude that Steve takes into all the jobs he works on are exactly the same, with an attention to detail and a respect for the working environment. This attitude is taken on to the management of all sub-contractors that Veon use, whether it be day-labour, or specialist silicone workers. Steve’s role includes making sure that anyone associated with Veon works with the same high level of care and respect that he does (and dishing out severe punishments if they don’t!). Get in contact to find out more.

Frances Phipps
Frances PhippsEstimating and Sales
Frances has taken the classic path into Structural Glass, through teaching. Having said that, after looking after large groups of highly distracted, pubescent teenagers, this is probably quite a doddle for her!

Frances’ main role is in sales and estimating, but that leads into her wider role, which is basically keeping everything in order, including Simon and Steve.

Her organisation skills are second to none and if you Get in touch, it’s very likely you will speak to her, which we expect will be a very pleasant experience.

Andrew Perry
Andrew PerryCAD and Design Manager
Andrew is our new CAD and Design man!

Andrew’s background is architecture and also in all things CAD, but he also runs very, very fast, so we are trying to find a way to combine these two skills into one. The basic plan is to get Andrew running at full speed and then release him to run from site to site, surveying and drawing up the surveys as he goes. We appreciate there may be health and safety implications to this idea.

The image of him is from our initial field trials and out of shot – from the waste down – Andrew is strapped into a bespoke, multi-wheeled, off-road, carbon-fibre CAD desk, with no less than fourteen laptops ticking away at his latest design work. All quite impressive really.

If you Get in touch, you may well speak to Andrew (he is very nice), and he will assist in technical aspects of your project design.